climb higher, go farther, do more.
a good vacation

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve donated blood, but after my first experience six or seven years ago, I try to do it regularly. A colleague of mine likes to say, “giving blood is the most intimate form of community service.” Indeed, there are many people out there who need blood for various reasons; as long as I am healthy and eligible, I will continue to donate.

Yesterday, as I grabbed another package of Oreos and walked out the door of the BloodMobile, the nurse reminded me one more time to avoid heavy lifting and exercise for the remainder of the day. He knows me so well…

As I toiled away in the office all afternoon, heeding the nurse’s instructions to not overexert myself, I began to daydream about our upcoming Spring Break. First week of break: cycling, climbing, running, hiking, and maybe some skiing? Do I have enough time to do all of this? During the second week of the break, I’ll accompany our crew team out to California for their spring training. Mainly chaperoning the flight out and back, I’ll have a large chunk of free time on my hands, so I’ll be flying my bike out there. And again: cycling, running, hiking, maybe some climbing…

I tend to fill my vacations with lots of activity. To me, being outside and exercising are relaxing and fun ways to spend my time off. I want to finish the day feeling utterly exhausted!

Yes, I can sometimes be extreme. And I realize that not everyone shares my idea of a good vacation. In fact, one of my best friends, once said to me while we were up in Acadia National Park together, “You are going to have a hard time finding people to vacation with you and do everything that you want to do.” As usual, he’s proven to be correct.

What’s your idea of a good vacation? What’s the right level of activity for you?